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Facial Reconstruction

Facial trauma, regardless of age, is centered on how the teeth come together. This is the primary reason why the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are some of the first specialists to be consulted when a patient has undergone massive facial trauma.

The history of this specialty can be traced back to WWI and WWII when kinetic energy of projectiles increased dramatically. Fortunately, so did the ability of those who were caring for the wounded. Horrific injuries became more survivable due to medical advances. The surgical specialties relied on General Dentists to assist with facial trauma cases in order to bring the upper and lower teeth back together properly. Eventually, the specialty was born and OMS's were called primarily to deal with these catastrophic injuries. As a result, OMS's are relied upon heavily to treat isolated fractures, (i.e. separate fractures distant to the chewing structures of the midface, orbits, and forehead) to pan facial fractures involving every bone in the face.

(Example of 3-D CT and post operative films of one of Dr. Arné's patients).

Reconstruction can also help people afflicted with head and neck cancers. While the main focus of cancer treatment is to eradicate cancer from a patient’s body, doing so can sometimes cause physical deformities and scars that facial reconstructive surgery can repair. Dr. Arné will relate the best treatment options to both the patient and family (if requested) to return the patient a more ideal form, function, and aestheticc result.