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At our practice, our areas of expertise includes: Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Oral Pathology, Gingival Surgery, Facial Reconstruction, TMJ, Apicoectomy and Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

Restoration of Implants
In addition to placing single or multiple implants, Dr. Arné provides to the restorative Dentist the necessary tools and parts needed to complete all restorations. In partnering with Zimmer Dental and local labs, we can provide cost effective solutions to any implant restorative case.

Zimmer Dental guarantees their dental implants for the life of the patient. This warranty goes with the patient worldwide. Given that the success rate for Zimmer Dental implants is 98%, the 2% that do fail are guaranteed for the life of the patient. Zimmer is the world's largest manufacturer of orthopedic surgery prosthetics. They make implantable knees, hips, ankles, shoulders and dental implants. The warranty they offer is the best in the dental implant industry.

Study Club
As a show of our appreciation for referrals, we provide, at no cost to the participants, CE credits for study clubs attended. Nationally recognized experts in their fields are brought to Wilmington on a monthly basis to relate their experiences to the study club members. In addition, we provide top referrals, instructional trips to the Zimmer Institute in Carlsbad, CA and/or Parsippany, NJ to learn the latest restorative techniques. These courses provide high-level instruction by some of the world wide leaders in implant education.