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Bone Grafting

Each type of graft can be augmented with certain proteins (Bone Morphogenic Protein-BMP or Platelet Rich Plasma-PRP) to enhance the graft. Do not be fooled by claims that dipping an implant into PRP will increase the stabilization or longevity of the implant. There is zero scientific evidence that supports this. These proteins are simply used to speed up the maturation of the graft or the surgical site. If one was to evaluate two grafts, one with the proteins and one without the proteins, at four months post operative, both grafts will look exactly the same microscopically. Dr. Arné will discuss the merits and pitfalls of each type of graft with you at the time of your consultation and will assist you in making the decision that will give you the best outcome.

Because the long term success of the implant is the ultimate goal, and in order for a dental implant to be a viable option, a bone graft may be a necessary step. Dr. Arné will evaluate the goals with you and the restorative dentist and determine what the most reliable way to proceed. Be assured that if a bone grafting procedure is not necessary, it will not be performed.